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We’ll try our best to keep you posted with all the updates from the Point to Point scene and all Neil's News throughout the season. 

We're nearly back in business

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October 2020

Entries are in and Point to Pointing should get underway this weekend which is very exciting. We have four potential runners for the weekend at either Ottery St Mary or Maisemore depending on ground, entries etc. 

We’re delighted that Point to Pointing has found a way to operate, we know it hasn’t been easy and there are a lot of challenges to making it work under current COVID restrictions but we all must do everything we can to support its survival. Pointing may be considered by some as an amateur sport, but it is a vital part of the British Horseracing industry, it’s a breeding ground for the future; for young horses preparing for sales, young jockeys and aspiring trainers as well as providing older horses with an exit route from NH racing. 

No doubt there will be some teething problems with the new systems but if we can all work together and provide constructive feedback we will be able to find workable solutions. It will be very different not to have crowds but at least we are able to continue to function as an industry and support all the livelihoods who rely on racing going ahead to keep their businesses open. 

Good luck to all owners, trainers and jockeys with runners or rides this weekend. 

Lots of new faces

September 2020

We've had a real change of the guard in the Point to Point row at Blackmore Farm, many of our older horses have moved onto new homes. Dragon De La Tour and Millanisi Boy have both gone to share their experience with P2P Novice Riders and we wish them all the success in the world.

We have a mixture of old and new in the pointing block, visit our P2P page to see those in training with Neil this season. 


Point to Pointing has been scheduled to start on 24 October, we hope to have 3 or 4 ready to go then but a lot of the new babies will be aimed at pointing as 4yos in early 2021.