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Racehorse Ownership

There are several different ownership structures to suit your preferences, depending on the level of control you'd like over the horse, your budget to not only buy but also train the horse and the type of racing experience you would like to have. We have outlined a few different options that we have available within our yard, further details on types of ownership can be found via the Racehorse Owners Association. Please contact us if you would like to own a racehorse but would like to discuss in further detail.

We often have horses for sale so please check our sales page to see what horses are available at Kayley Woollacott Racing. 

Sole Ownership


Racing Clubs

Sole ownership is when you are the only person involved in the ownership of the horse and you have a 100% share. The horse will run in your name and colours. Any costs or profits will be yours alone. A company can also register as an Owner, owning horses 100%. The horse will be in the sole ownership of the company and the company's shareholders.

We are happy to help source horses for sole ownership and work with the best bloodstock agent in Europe to find suitable horse within the desired budget.

A syndicate is for people who want to share the ownership of one or more horses. A syndicate is managed and administered by the Syndicator/s, in our case Martin Higgs manages Kayley Woollacott Racing Syndicates. It isn’t necessary for members of the Syndicate to register as owners. This option allows you to share the costs of purchase and training, therefore is often more affordable. It allows you create groups of friends or work colleagues to enjoy the races with but means there is negotiation and compromise to ensure all owners are happy.

Currently for sale

  • 4Racing Owners Group, Surdoue De Ballon

A racing club is for people who want to pay a subscription / membership fee to experience racehorse ownership. A Racing Club is managed and administered by the Club manager, in our case Stephanie Jones manages the Big Brook Racing Club and it is the Club itself, as opposed to its members, that owns the horses. 

Members pay a one off fee of £350 to be part of club for 8 months (one season) and to enjoy the benefits of racehorse ownership. 

Membership available to BBRC, please contact us to register your interest.

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