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Richard's Legacy

In January 2018 we lost Richard, my husband, my best friend and the father of three special children. We lost our friend and the world lost a good man who loved his racing.
Richard was a truly talented trainer who achieved many amazing things despite battling depression for many years.
The happy, enthusiastic, determined, and social person that everyone has paid such beautiful tributes to, is the man I loved and married, but we also struggled with many hidden issues behind closed doors, which ultimately carried a very tragic price. Horse racing was our life, a life we chose and one we loved, but it can be an unforgiving and demanding game, that delivers incredible highs and lows.
We are all incredibly proud of Richard and, although he may have never felt or admitted it himself, he was hugely successful. He was a National Champion Point To Point Jockey, having trained the majority of the winners he rode, a Grade II Winning National Hunt trainer, and Lalor is a true credit to him and always will be the Grade I winner he couldn't hang on for but we know Richard was right there with us at Aintree.
We've all struggled to come to terms with why and it's devastating that we were unable to make him believe in himself in the same way we all did but we're not giving up now, that would be hypocritical. 
We have continued our fundraising page and donations will be accepted at any time.

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